A true riveting story, of a beautiful innocent young woman, whose path crosses with that of a charming playboy in a mountainous village. Like spring eases into summer, their fates collide into a love affair that ends in contract murder.

Set in the era just prior to World War II in Greece, the book provides a glimpse into the shame of forced marriage, the silence of domestic violence, justice corrupted then delayed, and the drive of the author’s father to uphold family honor and justice no matter the challenges.

Dr. Lukas Konandreas, who watched this horror unfold as a young boy, says, “This story, despite its time and place, is similar to events I’ve witnessed as the journey of life and my career took me to Toronto, Chicago, California, New York and Connecticut. It bears similarities with contemporary events in the Latin American world, as well as in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East as modern media shines the spotlight on these parts of the world. The story shows that human nature is human nature, regardless of geography, time or circumstances.”

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