It didn’t take long to realize that, despite the remote location and nearly forgotten era, there was something universal about the story. The story started as a love affair followed by a forced marriage—and there is plenty of the latter still in our world today. My story contained marital infidelity, also very common. It was followed by domestic abuse, and I have and am still treating victims of such abuse. The marriage in my story was clearly marked by red flags, but love and societal restrictions did not allow these red flags to be acted upon. This, too, still happens today. There were honorable and committed people in my story, people who were willing to endure all manner of discomforts in order to uphold their resolve. Again, there are people like this today. My story revealed judicial corruption, which we frequently hear about today. In addition, family loyalty, marked by adversity, persistence, and forgiveness, is still a major part of today’s conflicts.

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