A Romance.

A Forced Marriage.

A Scandalous Affair.

A Hit Man.


A multi award winning riveting true story…… Of a young woman whose path crosses with a charming playboy. Their fates collide into a love affair. He asks her to have sex, since “We are to get married anyway” and she gives in. He reneges his promise, but the young woman’s family makes sure he lives up to his promise. Their forced marriage opens the gates for disaster. He has extramarital affairs, he is abusing her and tries for years to commission an assassin, someone, to kill her. She knows about his evil intentions and she is urged to leave him and save her life but her love, her devotion, and societal prejudice against divorced women make her stay and say “ Better Dead Than Divorced”. And dead she ends up one night by a commissioned assassin. Her cousin, a principled man, driven by honor and conscience fights beyond his modest means in a corrupt system to have justice for her loss served.

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Stop George from continuing his pursuit of Poly

The pressure to do something—anything—to stop George from continuing his pursuit of Poly reached a fever pitch one day when Thanasis was approached by Mary, the wife of a poor shepherd, while at his fields in Maraveli. “Linatsas,” she said, using George’s nickname,...

The glassware was in pieces

Panayota could see the future already. She and George would entertain often, sharing their home and their bounty with the same people who had once threatened to chop her into pieces and toss her into the river. She would savor the delicious irony of her newfound...

My Cousin is Tarnished

Thanasis was just leaving a cousin’s home next door to the Nitsoses when Maria Nitsos, George’s mother, called to him. “Are you just going to stand there in the street, Thanasis?” she asked in a friendly voice. “Or would you like to come in and have a thimble of ouzo...

Crooning a Love Song

Panayota, still leaning against the stone wall in the darkness, flinched involuntarily. The memory of her first virginity test still sent her flesh crawling. She had been so terrified during the test that the doctor had admonished her for her lack of proper...


Meet the Author

Lukas Konandreas M.D., one of four children, was born at Kupaki, a small mountain village in central Greece. He finished elementary school there and high school in Athens Greece. After graduating from the Medical School of the University of Athens, he migrated to Toronto Canada and from there he did Medical training in Chicago and Fresno California. He practiced Emergency Medicine in Sacramento California for about 6 years and from there he moved to Connecticut, where he organized an Urgent Care Center, which he still directs after 30 years.  He is married to Georgia, a Doctor of Psychology and has two sons. Lukas worked more than 10 years on this book.  He used personal memories of the event, newspaper coverage, court records, and interviewed over 160 people to develop this compelling story about forced marriage, spousal abuse, and the cost of rendering justice in a corrupted system.

The message of the true story in the book is clear. Responsible for her murder was not only her husband George but that culture as well.

- By irene

on July 21, 2015

A great book to spend a week and well-deserved award winner for its content and writing.

By Amazon Customer

on January 6, 2016

I highly recommend this book for its high interest and realistic insight.

By viola

on May 15, 2015

At every page, you are excited to see how the story will unfold.

By Poly

on May 19, 2015

A riveting true story of a beautiful innocent young woman, whose path crosses with that of a charming playboy.

Their fates collide into a love affair that ends in contract murder.

Better Dead Than Divorced!” replies the young abused wife trapped in the confines of an isolated traditional town to those who urge her to divorce her controlling, manipulative husband.

The book provides a glimpse into the shame of forced marriage, the silence of domestic violence, justice corrupted then delayed, and the drive of the author’s father to uphold family honor and justice no matter the challenges.

During a dance party gunshots are heard.

The court takes over.  Her cousin, a principled man, fights beyond his modest means to bring her husband, who has influence in the court system, to justice.

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